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Chance the Rapper as amazed at Batista’s acting ability as we are

Wrestlers transitioning to the big screen is a dicey proposition. Only a small few have successfully crossed over to make acting a second career. One such man is Batista. He’s put in the work to hone his craft, and it is being noticed by famous fans.

Chance the Rapper was caught by surprise with Batista’s skills.

He was impressed by Batista being a whole thespian after watching the opening fight scene from Blade Runner 2049.

Chance brought up the issue on social media, which was answered by James Gunn. The Guardians of the Galaxy director added interesting insider perspective from working with Batista.

The praise did not fall on deaf ears. Batista appreciated the acknowledgement.

Bringing it over to an angle for engagement with you Cagesiders, who is in your top 5 for best actors from professional wrestling?

My current top 5 unfolds as:

5. Steve Austin
4. Jesse Ventura
3. Roddy Piper
2. The Rock
1. Batista

In my mind, Batista and The Rock are the clear top two. A big factor is whether you prefer Batista’s zen or The Rock’s smoldering. It’s tough to weigh the acting art form versus being a box office star. As a movie star, The Rock is so far ahead of the rest by miles and miles that there is no way they can smell what he’s cooking. As an actor, I’m siding slightly with Batista in the top spot. I can totally see Gunn’s description of Batista. He always feels like he is the person on screen and not just a character.

For the rest, Piper’s charisma carried well to his films, Austin’s performances always interested me as an ass-kicker, and Ventura is a goddamn sexual tyrannosaurus. That alone means The Body deserves a spot.

Let the discussion begin! Name your top 5 wrestling actors.

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