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Goldberg is keeping his beef with Roman Reigns alive

All signs pointed toward this WrestleMania season featuring a showdown between Goldberg and Roman Reigns... until Goldberg showed up at Raw Legends Night earlier this month and started a Royal Rumble feud with Drew McIntyre by recited a scripted promo that didn’t make any sense.

Most of us thought that meant we wouldn’t get Reigns vs. Goldberg this year, but maybe it wasn’t an either/or proposition? Rumors suggest the WWE Hall of Famer will wrestle again on one of the two nights of WrestleMania 37 in April. And in a new interview with FOX Sports, Bill has a lot to say about a certain Tribal Chief:

“Oh, always, yeah [it bothers me I didn’t have the planned match with Reigns at WrestleMania 36].

“Cause I’m always going to have that ingrained hatred for him by playing football 60 minutes away from where I played football with Georgia. And by the hatred we had for Georgia Tech, it’s just one of those things that people don’t understand it and it’s one of the best back stories professional wrestling could ever have.

“Because there are two schools that I cannot stand. I cannot stand the colors. I may be 54 years old, 34 years removed from when I was playing football against them, but anything from Georgia Tech and anything from the University of Florida makes me want to vomit, okay?

“So, Roman Reigns, knowing that he wore that helmet and that uniform, I want to take him apart for no other reason.

“Not to mention the fact that he spears people. Well, he tries to spear people and it is what it is. People don’t get it unless they’re sports people. But, I cannot stand those two schools and he went to one of them, and I can’t stand Roman Reigns. We don’t have Gatorade in my house for God’s sake!”

On the battle of the Spears, Goldberg had this to say...

“He does it like a moron from Georgia Tech, and I do it like a bulldog from Georgia. Period. End of story...

“So, take that Roman Reigns. Shove that up your Georgia Tech whatever the hell you got.”

He also responds to some comments Roman made to FOX Sports about how his Spear looks cooler, but mostly Goldberg is focused on the ACC/SEC rivalry.

Will that be enough to get non-”sports people” engaged in this program? I mean, I consider myself a “sports person” and it doesn’t do much for me... but my alma mater isn’t in a Power Five conference. Maybe that’s what it takes?

Anyway, I still think we’re getting Reigns/Goldberg at some point.

Brace yourself, and read the rest of the FOX Sports interview here.

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