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Ultimate Wrestler Wrestling Match Challenge on SmackDown tonight

aka Bayley vs. Bianca Belair

Last week, Bayley and Bianca Belair threw down in an “Ultimate Athlete Obstacle Course Challenge”.

That meant we got to see The EST carry Otis on her shoulders, and the Role Model doink a lay-up. It ended with a win for Belair that earned her a cheap shot attack by Bayley. It also gives us the only match announced for SmackDown tonight (Jan. 29).

Both these wrestlers are confirmed for the Women’s Royal Rumble match on Sunday, too. Expect whatever happens here to feed into the Rumble. Will that mean a heelish win for the Grand Slam champ that Bianca avenges by winning a WrestleMania title shot this weekend? Or will things break down resulting in all the Rumble entrants pouring into the ring?

Join us in our live blog and we’ll find out together!

The only other thing mentions in their official preview for this week’s SmackDown is a “war of words” between Universal champion Roman Reigns and this Royal Rumble challenger Kevin Owens. They’ll face each other in a Last Man Standing match on Sunday, and have been kicking each other’s asses for weeks.

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