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Hardcore Legend stands up for modern wrestlers

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First it was Undertaker. Then Goldberg* weighed in. Are there any Monday Night War era stars or WWE Hall of Famers who are willing to side with the 2021 locker room against allegations their video game playing and millennial upbringing and various other “kids these days” talking points have made them “soft”?

Mrs. Foley’s baby boy to the rescue...

Sure, it hurts when the Dead Man and a former NFL player question your grit. But if Cactus Jack/Mankind has your back? He’s swallowed teeth, lost an ear, and been thrown off and through Hell in a Cell. That guy knows from tough.

Bang Bang! Have a Nice Day!

* At least with Goldberg, the “soft” talk serves a kayfabe purpose. I mean, I already wanted to see Drew McIntyre Claymore his face off this Sunday (Jan. 31) at Royal Rumble. Now, I REALLY want to see Drew McIntyre Claymore his face off.