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Introducing ‘The 10 Count’ - Royal Rumble Edition

10 Questions. 10 Answers. All focused on the 2021 Royal Rumble

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages, welcome to The 10 Count. The forum where Jacob and I give 10 answers to 10 questions on each of our minds regarding big or small happenings in the world of pro wrestling. Since the Royal Rumble is this Sunday, safe to say this week’s topic is on the “big” side of that equation.

Come for the more than likely wrong answers, stay for the supposed witty banter.

1. What are the big stories going into the Rumble this weekend and why should we care?

Jdela: The biggest story going in to the Rumble this weekend is that this Rumble feels kind of wide open. There’s your favorites like Randy Orton, Edge, and Daniel Bryan but there’s also guys like Big E, Keith Lee, and Shinsuke Nakamura that feel like they can win it and deserve to win it. Factor in that feuds like E & Apollo Crews and Randy vs. Alexa Bliss are likely to continue in the match it just gives this Rumble something extra.

2. What’s one thing you don’t need to see happen?

Marcus: Hm. Let me start from the beginning at the top of the list: The one thing I don’t want to see happen but probably will because of the storytelling up to this very moment is Goldberg beating Drew. At first the story was “Drew doesn’t have respect for his elders” which was a stretch, but okay cool I’ll buy the flimsy logic. Now it’s how Goldberg conquered everything every time he came back. Any time he challenged someone for a title, he won. It doesn’t help Drew to take the L nor does it help anyone for Goldberg to get the W. There’s a lot of stuff I don’t want to see happen but that’s number one.

3. What’s the most interesting match that’s not the Rumble?

Jdela: It’s easy to say that Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens is the most interesting match because of the story built in and the matches the two have already had, but I’m interested most in Asuka and Charlotte Flair defending the tag belts. We know that eventually somebody is gonna turn on the other. I’m interested in how we get there and if Charlotte is the one that actually turns. Plus the Women’s Dusty Classic Tag Tournament is going on and the winner has to get a tag team title shot right?

Marcus: You say that as if WWE follows logic. The old man does what the old man wants to do.

It seems like Charlotte and Asuka aren’t quite on that road yet because they both have their own issues outside of each other. Charlotte can’t turn heel because she’s dealing with Lacey, who apparently is a heel because she wore a robe and is dating an old man who, even in WWE continuity, is broke. And Asuka is afraid of Alexa now.

Jdela: You know that both of those cases are placeholders and distraction from the obvious. Hell watch Lacey end up a face the end of this.

Marcus: I disagree. They don’t juggle balls well.

Jdela: The Women’s Rumble feels like it’s Bianca’s to lose. We’re not getting that satisfaction are we?

Marcus: Nope you’re cheating. Next question lol.

Jdela: Oh come on.

Marcus: Nah we’re going to keep going and this thing will be longer than the event itself. Nobody’s reading a four hour conversation narrated by Michael Cole.

Jdela: Nobody is engaging in anything narrated by Cole.

Marcus: Says the two guys ready to sit through a three or four hour event mainly narrated by Cole.

4. Who is likely to be the Women’s Rumble winner and why?

Marcus: You gave my answer: Bianca. She’s being set up as the winner and her vs. Sasha at ‘Mania would be dope. Although her vs. Bayley would also be dope. She’s got the momentum on her side and they just did that documentary on her. So if nothing else, they want to recoup their investment on sympathy. To say nothing of the fact she carried Otis on her damn shoulders. Otis, who is not a small man, was carried like a toddler on the shoulders of this woman. A feat of strength not seen since Austin did the same with WWE in ‘98. Give. Her. The. W.

Jdela: I get that but isn’t all of that the equivalent of losing a big match in your home town? Plus, don’t most catch L’s when they have docs premier around or on the day of big events?

Marcus: This is me covering my ears to your Vince-logic. I said what I said, dammit.

5. If Owens doesn’t beat Reigns, where do we go next with both of them?

Jdela: Reigns goes to the Elimination Chamber because there’s nobody in theory that makes sense for a short-term feud other than Nakamura and I feel like he is likely occupied with Jey Uso for the next month or so. KO drifts off to either the Chamber or finds a way to float around the title still simply because the story is that good.

Marcus: Yeah, I don’t see this feud ending. The match has to end with chicanery for “basketball reasons.” And Last Man Standing matches are prime for that kind of silliness. Reigns is just the type of cat who can sell a crowd on him getting a clean W even if it’s dirty as hell.

It’s not a lie if you believe it and he believes every syllable.

Jdela: This is true. Reigns, Owens, and Heyman all believe everything that comes out their mouth.

6. What’s a match that’s not listed on the card that we can expect to be added?

Marcus:..If you hear those crickets in the background that’s my answer.

Jdela: Lmaooo

7. Does Kofi make a surprise appearance or is that more of a mania match between him and Ali?

Jdela: So here’s the thing: Kofi Kingston is legit hurt. But, it wouldn’t shock me if Kofi showed up simply to try to pull off one of his trademark Rumble spots only for Ali or SLAPJACK Dipstick or someone from Retribution to ruin that spot and push the story forward.

Marcus: I wouldn’t do the Rumble spot. It shows he’s not focused on Ali, and his promos from the sidelines say he all about Ali right now. Plus, he needs to show he’s serious about Retribution messing with Xavier Woods. I’m your boy. If someone tries to break me to get to you and you decide it’s joke time and enter the Rumble, then you and I are going to have more than words.

Jdela: I hear you, but what if Ali is in the Rumble giving X the work and Kofi enters, tries to save him, gets tossed, tries to pull the spot and then one of the toys from the island of misfit toys ruins it?

Marcus: I like part of that but it sounds like overbooking and overcooking. Go for simple: Ali beating down Woods or just doing really well in the Rumble, Kofi comes out of nowhere and rains on his parade. Again. Now Ali is pissed, Kofi feels like he’s avenged his boy a little bit, and we’ve got story to tell until Kofi is ready to go.

Like you said, Kofi is legitimately hurt. Don’t risk hurting that man more with him trying to outdo his past non-hurt version of himself with Rumble tomfoolery.

Jdela: It’s The ‘E, man

Marcus: You’re 1000 percent right. But the benefit of the ‘10 Count’ is we say what SHOULD happen not what would. We ain’t taking bets unless you got a side game I don’t know about.

8. We all know The Fiend is going to cost Randy but the question is how. Do they let Randy get to the end of the Rumble and then cut the lights, or does Randy start it and get eliminated early?

Marcus: The Fiend is all about drama and the height of theater. He’s essentially WWE’s Loki. I say he waits until Randy is in the final four or elite eight, then makes his move. In fact, they could redo the moment where the Undertaker came up through the ring during Bret Hart and Diesel’s cage match before WrestleMania 12. Let The Fiend drag Randy down below and go from there.

9. Any possibility that it’s not The Fiend but Bliss or ‘Mr. Rogers’ Bray?

Marcus: It would be dope if it were Alexa. That’s a potentially a clever inversion on the trope we normally get. But it also depends on her “condition” following that mean RKO she took Monday. Wrestling logic says she’ll be in a neck brace since she can withstand a match with Asuka of all people, but can’t survive an RKO.

Jdela: Ah wrestling logic.

10. Are the main events for ‘Mania etched in stone Sunday or do we have to wait a month?

Jdela: For both the men and women? No. I’m treating each brands title as a headliner. Reigns should be situated, or at least obvious that KO is going to be his opponent at ‘Mania. I want to say Bianca wins and solidifies Smackdown’s side.

Drew somehow fucks around and takes an L and leaves Raw screwed. Asuka and Charlotte start their split which sets that up.

Marcus: I’ll go one step further: Charlotte finds herself in the number one contender spot, which enrages Lacey more and their feud will not only be about the love of an old man, but for the number one contender spot. Then the heel turn or at least the uneasy relationship/feud between Asuka and Charlotte can start in earnest. Everything else i agree with.

It was all good just a week ago (shoutout to JAY-Z), but sorry, Drew. You’re next.

Got different answers to our questions? Or different questions entirely? Are we completely out of our minds? Weigh in below.

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