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Meiko Satomura confirms that she has signed with WWE

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There was a report earlier today about Japanese wrestling legend Meiko Satomura signing with WWE and joining the NXT UK brand. That news has now been officially confirmed.

The above video hyping Satomura’s arrival aired during today’s episode of NXT UK. If you aren’t familiar with Satomura’s work, check out the video and be prepared to see what she will bring to the table. NXT UK women’s champion Kay Lee Ray said she wanted to face the best in the world, and it’s very clear that Satomura interpreted that as a call out.

Satomura took to Twitter to confirm that she has signed with WWE and is joining NXT UK:

Triple H then noted that this exciting news is a game-changer for the NXT UK brand:

If you have yet to check out the action at NXT UK, will the signing of Meiko Satomura convince you to change your mind?