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What happened to Keith Lee?

When a regularly featured WWE star misses a few weeks (or more) of television time with no clear explanation or rumor going around to provide some insight into the matter, I can’t help but wonder what’s happening to drive that decision.

For example, Aleister Black’s absence from television stood out last fall. It was just a matter of time until the pieces started to fall together to explain what was going on. WWE released his wife Zelina Vega, then creative reportedly forgot about him, and now there is a rumor about a dramatic return.

Perhaps I’m jumping the gun here, but now I’m wondering what’s going on with Raw superstar Keith Lee. He has missed the last two episodes of Raw. Unlike Angel Garza, his absence from Raw is not a case where he is being inexplicably hidden away on Main Event.

On the Jan. 4 episode of Raw, Lee was in the main event challenging for the WWE championship. After losing the match, he quickly jobbed to the angle of Goldberg’s return. One week later, Lee tagged up with Sheamus for a tag team match against Miz and John Morrison, where Lee broke the turnbuckle. After that match concluded, Lee and Sheamus then pulled double duty by fighting each other in a singles match. That’s two consecutive weeks where Lee was heavily featured on television.

But he has suddenly disappeared from television ever since, missing the Jan. 18 and Jan. 25 episodes of Raw. Missing consecutive episodes of television might not normally raise a bunch of eyebrows, but these were the final two episodes of television before Royal Rumble 2021, which is arguably the second biggest WWE event of the year. A star who just challenged for the WWE championship a few weeks ago should certainly be a factor on that card.

Lee has generally been listed among the favorites to win the men’s Royal Rumble match, and he was also once mentioned in a rumor as potential main event candidate for WrestleMania 37. Therefore his absence definitely stands out right now, even if it’s only two episodes. That this week’s episode of Raw included so many wrestlers working double duty made his absence stick out that much more. It was almost like the Raw roster was short-handed.

Maybe this is a case where creative has nothing for him. Or maybe there’s nothing to see here, and he’ll return as an entrant this Sunday, Jan. 31, in the Royal Rumble match. Maybe we’ll never find out any more details about why he missed these two episodes of Raw, or maybe the answer just isn’t all that interesting. I don’t really know what’s going on here, and I’m curious to know what’s happening.

Do you think we’ll see Keith Lee in the Royal Rumble match?

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