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Sasha Banks puts herself on WWE’s Mount Rushmore and vows to fix Snoop Dogg’s terrible splash

Sasha Banks isn’t the first pro wrestler who has been asked to pick out a WWE Mount Rushmore, but she damn sure isn’t going to give the safe corporate answer.

When The Complex Sports Podcast posed that common question to The Boss, she didn’t hesitate to include herself as the top name on her WWE Mount Rushmore:

“Of course I’m number one.”

The Boss fills out the remaining three spots with Bayley, Eddie Guerrero, and Kurt Angle. She went above and beyond in heaping praise upon your Olympic Hero’s greatness as a pro wrestler, saying that anybody who wants to learn how to work needs to watch Angle’s matches.

When Banks was told that Roman Reigns’ Mount Rushmore included names like Steve Austin, The Rock, and Hulk Hogan, she called out the Head of the Table for giving such a milquetoast response:

“Okay Roman, that sounds like a company answer...that sounds like a beautiful WWE answer, and that’s why he’s where he’s at with Paul Heyman.”

Sasha was also asked about Snoop Dogg’s very awkward splash on AEW Dynamite from earlier this month. It’s not exactly what she was expecting to see, but there is plenty of time to turn her cousin into a five star wrestler:

“I saw him two weeks before he did that, and he was talking about how he wanted to do a splash. Now, I wasn’t thinking that splash was gonna look like that! But he called me right after, just cracked up laughing, asking if I was proud. I was like, ‘Dude, if you had fun, that’s all that matters.’ He just...he couldn’t believe it.”

“We still got time, you know? I want to do matches with him. I want him as my tag team partner for our WrestleMania. So we got time. I got time to train him. That splash is gonna be five stars, okay? It’s gonna be five stars.”

Do you have any interest in seeing Sasha and Snoop team up at WrestleMania?

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