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Nia Jax responds to ‘losers’ and ‘whiners’ criticizing her chokeslam of Dana Brooke

During a generally chaotic series of matches of Raw this past Monday (Jan. 25), Nia Jax delivered a chokeslam to Dana Brooke.

WWE’s YouTube

Because the powerbomb-like set-up looked awkward and because Brooke’s landing looked rough and because it was Nia Jax, this prompted a considerable reaction online. The discussion of the spot continued even after multiple reports indicated that Dana was fine after taking the bump.

Jax, as she’s done in the past, responded by trolling her critics.

In Nia’s situation, there’s not much else to do. She’s a heel, she can’t change the way Twitter will respond - might as well use it.

Now, whether the response is fair is another discussion. From an outsider’s perspective, there does seem to be a lot of smoke pointing to a “Nia isn’t a good worker” fire. But her employers and co-workers don’t seem to share that evaluation. And there are lots of instances of scenes similar to the one between Jax & Brooke that don’t prompt similar reactions, like the stiff-looking knee Charlotte Flair delivered to Shayna Baszler in the same match that appeared to cause the countout restart, or another chokeslam spot between Luchasaurus and Brandon Cutler from AEW Dark last week which was part of the story of the match but still looked dangerous.

The debate will continue. And Jax will fan the flames when it does.

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