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The 24/7 championship means nothing and no one should want it

I love the 24/7 championship and the concept behind a title being defended at literally all hours of the day, every day, forever. It makes for some sometimes interesting, sometimes hilarious moments.

I’m not sure why that has to come at the expense of being taken seriously.

It’s long been a flaw in the logic of the championship itself — it’s a big joke that everyone knows is a joke and yet there are a group of wrestlers who are in a constant war over it, devising all these wacky schemes while traveling far and wide in an attempt to win it for themselves. Why are they doing this if it’s such a joke?

Remember how I wondered what the hell Adam Pearce’s problem was when he was demanding wrestlers like Drew Gulak and Ricochet win a match to make it into the Royal Rumble instead of simply declaring for it like everyone else has done? And how he explained his reasoning by saying that some wrestlers have been granted the ability to simply declare by management — isn’t that him, by the way? — while others haven’t?

Arguments were made insisting it was about wrestlers having the appropriate resumé to be allowed the ability to declare. If that’s the case, how the hell does R-Truth, a current champion in the promotion, not qualify?

Because he’s a joke, because he’s holding a title that is a joke, and because this whole thing is one big joke. I will not be quiet about this!

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