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WWE Backstage promises two HUGE Royal Rumble announcements

In an attempt to lure wrestling fans to check out the return of WWE Backstage on FOX Sports cable channel FS1 this weekend, the show is now being promoted with more than just Renee Young (aka Renee Paquette), Booker T & Paige.

Sat., Jan. 30’s broadcast will also feature the reveal of the 30th entrant in Sunday’s men’s Royal Rumble match, and the two wrestlers who will start the women’s Rumble.

In the past, WWE’s made these details plot points in their ongoing story. The 30 spot was fought for, and opening the long match either assigned as punishment or claimed by someone wanting to prove their mettle. Using it as a hook for a broadcast partner’s studio show is just as good, right?

Making this a bit more of a head scratcher is the fact neither WWE or FOX seems terribly invested in Backstage or the idea of a studio show at this point. Occasional returns were promised when the show’s initial FS1 run ended back in June of 2020, but this and October’s editions feel more like burning off a contractual obligation than building a brand.

We’ll see how it does with these HUGE announcements to draw viewers. In addition to the 8 p.m. Eastern premiere, WWE Backstage will replay at midnight and 5 p.m. on Sunday.

For a current list of announced Rumble entrants, click here.

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