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Roman Reigns wants to keep working with Paul Heyman for the rest of his career

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Interesting quotes from Roman Reigns regarding his relationship with his on-screen “special counsel” Paul Heyman.

The Tribal Chief gives CBS Sports a two part answer about their pairing. I’m pretty sure the first part is largely kayfabe, especially since they’re not really traveling right now, but who knows? Maybe Paul really does personally ensure Roman gets the proper size towels:

“He’s just a pleasure to be around. Not only that, to be able to work with him? A lot of people just look at him as this creative genius and someone who is masterful on the microphone. But, the attention to detail is in every area, from anything that I need. This man has gotten me towels from the hotel to make sure they’re big enough, to picking me up custom steaks from the butcher last week. This guy does not cut his corners, he really is all hands on deck. It’s not just what he does from a creative standpoint or on camera, and he’s the greatest of all time with what he does in promoting and selling his athletes and how much demand he puts on the matches he’s involved in. He really does anything under the sun to make sure that the talent he’s working with is completely comfortable and focused on what they’re doing. It’s been a pleasure to work with him.”

The second part of the answer feels real, and is evidence of why their on-screen partnership has been such a hit with fans... especially typically jaded internet fans:

“If something happens and we’re no longer on screen together, I don’t think I’ll ever want to work without him one way or another. Even if we’re not a pairing on television anymore, I will still want and need him at television to work with me. Even throughout the week. We’ll start texting throughout the week to get ideas and figure out the message we want to get across. It’s a weekly battle where we don’t always get our way, but we try our best to do that. It’s definitely a really neat scenario as far as brainstorming and creative spitballing in trying to push the envelope and create the most sophisticated narrative every week. We say it every week: attention to detail. Those details are what make the product and hook people. We don’t want to insult our audience and make them think we feel they’re stupid; we know they’re not. Especially our hardcore fanbase, they’ve been watching professional wrestling and sports entertainment for a long time, they’ve seen it all. So we constantly think about what we can do to be different. What we can do to be better. And what we can do to achieve greatness every single week.”

On-screen, Heyman acts much differently then he did as the “advocate” for Brock Lesnar. One reason that’s been presented for that is because of Heyman’s lifelong relationship with the Anoaʻi family. Maybe that’s also given them a unique shared perspective on the business?

If what we’ve been getting on SmackDown since SummerSlam is any indication, I’d be okay with the Heyman/Reigns partnership continuing in perpetuity. Wouldn’t you?

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