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Charlotte Flair/Lacey Evans beef now includes lingerie, Bernie Sanders, Peacock & Gobbledy Gooker

Raw’s angle between Lacey Evans and Ric & Charlotte Flair can be a bit... racy. The implication is either that Lacey and Naitch are sleeping together, or Evans is dragging old horndog Ric along with the promise of sex.

Why this seems to bother Charlotte, who both told her father to stay out of her business and has to be aware of the reputation he’s cultivated over 50 years of stylin’, profilin’, wheelin’ dealin’ and kiss stealin’? Your guess is as good as mine.

But it seems to. And Evans gets under the Queen’s skin by wearing the Nature Boy’s robe, or jumping on Charlotte’s tweets like this...

It’s pretty weird, and so over the top I’ve kind of gone from wanting to hate it to getting a kick out of it. Things definitely got weird this afternoon though. Lacey took a lingerie shot and went to the unprecedented step of adding the now omnipresent Bernie Sanders inauguration meme with Ric’s head Photoshopped onto it. Char fired back with a gag about one of WWE’s worst ever gimmicks and their new streaming partner (taken from Heelbook)...

Speechless. I mean, where do you even go from here?

Guess we’ll find out tonight.

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