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Drew McIntyre pushed back on Undertaker calling today’s WWE ‘soft’

‘That’s just not true at all.’

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The Undertaker got the wrestling world buzzing last week with comments he made on The Joe Rogan Experience about today’s WWE.

Lots of folks have taken exception to the Phenom’s disrespect of video games in the locker room. WWE champion Drew McIntyre focused on the remark that came along with that one, the one Taker said would “probably piss a lot of people off but they need to hear it” - that the modern WWE product is “kind of soft”.

Asked about it by Sportskeeda, McIntyre acknowledged he needed to listen to more of the interview for context. But he didn’t hesitate to push back:

“I don’t agree whatsoever. Especially from an in-ring perspective. I’ve listened to part of it, I’ve got to listen to the whole thing it’s pretty new. But I think he may have been referring to like the kind of storylines and characters etc. Like the co-host that was on the show was like a fan from the attitude era and I think they were perhaps referring to some of the outlandish storylines. Back in the day, there were more sexual based, more like risque 18 plus. Our current product is PG, there’s only so far we can push it and we’re willing to push it. There’s certain things from back in the day that was awesome and certain things that were not awesome that I wouldn’t wanna go back to. So I’m not sure if it was more from like that perspective when it comes to the stories and not being as adult-based as it used to be but I think you know we’re walking a good line right now.

“But when it comes to the in-ring game, that’s just not true at all. It’s never been more physical.”

During his chat with Rogan & company, Taker did speak a bit on the “trying to be all things to all people” aspect of WWE programming (which has always been present, at least in the eyes of this guy who’s been watching for the better part of 40 years). But it seemed clear he was focused on the wrestling, so he and Drew might need to have a little chat to clear the air.

As a current locker room leader, McIntyre also spoke up for the current roster:

“The in-ring talent right now, we’ve got the best in-ring talent roster of all time. If you look at our talents from top to bottom, what they can do in the ring, what they can pull off from a storytelling perspective in the ring, in a physical perspective especially, there’s nobody better. You look at back at the Attitude Era, you compare the matches, turn the volume off and watch the match quality and compare it to now, there’s no comparison. And then the Ruthless Aggression era is when things really stepped up in ring wise. But now, there’s no roster like ours in the world. We’re physical, we’re hard-hitting, we have athletes that can do things that are just absolutely mind-blowing. So it certainly wasn’t the in-ring part he was talking about.”

There are things I’ve liked about all the eras and styles of wrestling I’ve watched in my life, but in general, I’m Team Drew in this debate.

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out if Undertaker does end up working at the Performance Center in the future.

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