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Yesterday was Bianca Belair Appreciation Day... for good reason

Whether you read too much into it about her Royal Rumble and WrestleMania prospects or not, the Bianca Belair episode of WWE Chronicle dropped yesterday (Jan. 24).

It’s well worth 30 minutes of your time. Most WWE Documentary features are, but I’d give this one a spot near the top of my power rankings. That’s largely because Belair is such a charismatic, relatable person - and one with a powerful story.

This edition of Chronicle is motivational, as Bianca opens up about overcoming eating disorders, and a bout of depression that led to hospitalization. It’s romantic, as we learn how she and hubby Montez Ford met in NXT and fell in love. It’s also powerfully of the moment, as Belair speaks about how important it is for her to be a representative of Black culture.

Another cool thing about the release of this episode is it’s given a lot of people a chance to celebrate Bianca - notably her colleagues.

Now, it’s not unusual for Superstars to stick together and hype one another’s projects. Maybe it’s the nature of Bianca’s story, but the support felt a little different this time around. It’s earnest, and if you watch Chronicle, I think you’ll agree it’s earned.

It’s why it’s no wonder NXT’s Josiah Williams declared Sunday...

Not that Tez needs a Day...

Told you those two were adorable.

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