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The Riott Squad just became the biggest heels in WWE

To me, anyway.

As anyone who’s read her resumé knows, Billie Kay is an expert in tag teaming. Any duo looking to conquer the division in WWE should consider themselves lucky to have her on their side!

That’s not all, though. Billie is also a completely credible punk rocker. What’s more, she’s the world’s sweetheart. Kay’s charmed folks from Sydney to Orlando... and probably some other places I can’t think of right now.

I remind you of all that so you completely understand just how dastardly the Riott Squad’s actions on the Jan. 22 SmackDown were.

Billie’s tactical maneuvers very nearly allowed Liv Morgan to pick up a win for the Squad, over none other than current WWE Women’s Tag Team champions Charlotte Flair & Asuka!

Does she make some mistakes? Sure! Don’t we all?

But how was she supposed to know Ruby would grab the ropes and stack Asuka up? It definitely looked to me like Riott was about to get suplexed to oblivion. And without Billie’s help, she definitely got her ass kicked by the champs.

Okay, so even if we think Billie is partially to blame for this one not going the Squad’s way, she used her effective communication skills (listed on the resumé, don’t you know) to secure Ruby & Liv spots in the Royal Rumble next Sunday!

What does she get in return? Kicked to the curb!

Look at her face! What kind of monsters would do that to the world’s sweetheart!?!?

That’s fine. Ruby thinks training partners who can stand-in for Bianca Belair and Carmella that well just grow on trees? They’ll realize what they’ve done when they get tossed out of the Rumble AND don’t have the services - and more importantly the friendship - of Billie Kay any more, either.

Karma’s a you-know-what, Squad.

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