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Bianca Belair really just carried Otis like that

Bayley challenged Bianca Belair to an Obstacle Course Challenge on this week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, hoping to prove herself superior to the “EST of WWE.” That included gimmicking the course to make it more difficult for Belair after she completed an easier version of it in 1:12.

Belair, of course, beat that time with ease, with 17 seconds to spare, in fact, despite the added difficulty.

We’re here to showcase one segment of the run that was particularly impressive: the fireman’s carry.

Bayley had to carry Chad Gable, itself an impressive feat. He’s small in height but very well built. Belair, meanwhile, was forced to carry Otis.

That’s right.


And she had no problem doing so:

Even when you factor in Otis helping out with balance and what not, that is a ridiculously impressive feat by a ridiculously impressive wrestler who has a bright future ahead of her, something that is becoming clearer and clearer each passing week.

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