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WWE releases trailer for a Bianca Belair documentary

The Royal Rumble event is coming up on Jan. 31, and I’ve certainly been antsy looking for any kind of sign about who might win or lose the titular gimmick matches. For example, Keith Lee was completely absent from this week’s (Jan. 18) Raw, which makes me think he won’t win at the Royal Rumble. I just can’t see why WWE would book the future Rumble winner to be a non-factor on television in such close proximity to the event.

On the other side of my “reading too much into minor things” tendency is this trailer that WWE released for a documentary on Bianca Belair, which is embedded at the top of this post. That’s a pretty neat thing to receive this close to the big Royal Rumble event. The trailer focuses on the fact that Belair is too talented to be put in a box, and she won’t ever settle for being second best.

WWE Chronicle: Bianca Belair premieres this Sunday, Jan. 24. Will you be checking it out?

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