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Rey Mysterio will absolutely toss his son out of the Royal Rumble match

The Royal Rumble is coming up on Jan. 31, and superstars are busy either declaring their spot in the match, or being fed to AJ Styles when WWE management forbids them of that privilege.

Rey Mysterio is one of the most accomplished stars in Royal Rumble history based on his 2006 performance alone. He’s won a Rumble match, he’s been the iron man in a Rumble match, and he’s eliminated the most men from a Rumble match. He’ll almost certainly be allowed to declare for the match if he wants to participate this year.

While discussing his past experience in the Royal Rumble on WWE’s The Bump, Rey was asked about what he would do in a hypothetical situation where he and his son Dominik are the first two entrants. Mysterio did not hesitate to give the following answer:

“I would have to throw him out right away. Yes, I mean, we have to do it. There’s just no other option. Either he goes, or I go. But I’m sure that I get first dibs on that. So he’s going over the top.”

That’s just good stuff right there. The Royal Rumble match is every man for himself, after all. You can’t trust anyone, even your own family. Rey Mysterio absolutely should toss his son right over that top rope at the first chance he gets.

Who will you be rooting for if Rey and Dominik get physical with each other inside this year’s Royal Rumble match?

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