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Adam Pearce explains the whole ‘declaring for the Royal Rumble’ thing

WWE’s YouTube

Over the past couple weeks, the story logic surrounding who gets to compete in WWE’s annual Royal Rumble matches has confounded some of us here at Cageside Seats.

Well, our cries have been heard. On Twitter earlier this afternoon, Raw and SmackDown’s untitled authority-like figure Adam Pearce explained the thinking behind determining who gets a Rumble spot:

This is what most of us - even those of having fun with the inconsistency - figured. Randy Orton’s resumé allows him to just decide to enter. Ricochet’s does not.

Whether this secret list of pre-qualified entrants is explanation enough for you, or if you’re still going to be annoyed when Lince Dorado or Maven is entrant #13 on Jan. 31 with no justification provided? That’s for each fan to decide.

I at least appreciate Scrap Daddy putting some thought into it for us.

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