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Murder, She Wrote: A Wrestling Love Story

An oddly perfect match explain my love of WWE and professional wrestling.

Wonder if she’s pitching Vince an idea or two?

Hi. I’m the other new kid on the block here. Much like my counterpart did allow me to introduce myself and how I ended up being a 30 something-year-old Black wrestling fan.

I know that photo that you’re looking at has some of you completely confused and puzzled. Some of you know who it is. There’s even a couple of you that know the connection that she has to the wrestling world. For those who are unaware, that is Angela Lansbury looking at you. Lansbury was the star of Murder, She Wrote, one of the longest-running dramas in TV history.

What does Murder, She Wrote have to do with me being a fan of pro wrestling? Well, it’s a two-fold answer. The first part is simple and straightforward: Murder, She Wrote served as the lead-in for Monday Night Raw during Raw’s early years on USA. The second part is a bit deeper and has a personal connection to me.

My dad was a huge fan of mystery/crime drama shows. He would use the VCR to record Columbo episodes and search Goodwill and other thrift stores for shows’ tapes. As a kid, I would spend many a Monday night watching Murder, She Wrote in the living room with my older sister on the couch, my dad in his chair, and me on the floor as a wide-eyed kid. Then once that went off, that classic Monday Night Raw music would hit, and I would be entranced by the larger than life characters and would root for whoever my dad cheered for. I would also be terrified and confused by Goldust and Luna Vachon, while my dad would laugh at me.

While the product and the lead-in show have changed, Raw is still Monday Night Raw to me, and I’m still that elementary-aged kid sitting on the living floor in a house in Alabama looking to his left at his dad with a smile on his face enjoying the moment.

That’s why I watch. Because, in this crazy world, it reminds me of a simpler time.

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