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Where is Eva Marie?

It was all the way back in October that reports first made the rounds that Eva Marie had re-signed with WWE and would be making her return to television. At the time that was reported, it was said she was in Florida for that week’s tapings at the ThunderDome.

But she never appeared.

It is now January, we’re in a whole new year, and she still has yet to appear.

We have been hoodwinked.


Led astray.

Run Amok.

Flat out deceived.

Okay, sure, perhaps she’s training for her return and WWE is simply holding off for a big event for that return. We are coming up on Royal Rumble, after all. I’m just tired of waiting. She hasn’t been with WWE dating all the way back to 2017, and hasn’t appeared for the company since 2016. Not much has changed in that time. She will still represent one of the last true heels in the pro wrestling industry.

That’s why I miss her so much. Fans hate Eva Marie. They despise her. So much so I feel the need to emphasis the words as I write them to you here today. I’ve received hate mail just for wanting her around, even when I explain I want her around because she’s one of the only true heels we have left, someone we can all unite against to revel in our hatred of. That’s how much they hated her back then.

I don’t think it will be any different now. I couldn’t be any more curious to find out.

So, again, I ask.

Where is Eva Marie?

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