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Jey Uso pleads the fifth on his relationship with Roman Reigns

A now familiar scene played out on the Jan. 1 edition of SmackDown. Jey Uso fought a battle, and caught a beating, for his cousin - Universal champion Roman Reigns. Then he helped the Tribal Chief send a message to a rival, a role still being played by Kevin Owens.

It’s a pattern a lot of people have questions about. And heading into this week’s Talking Smack, Kayla Braxton said she was going to get some answers.

Unfortunately for Braxton and others hoping to hear from Jey, Kayla’s co-host is Paul Heyman. As we’ve seen before, Heyman uses this job in service of his other one - as special counsel to the Tribal Chief. Usually, that’s by engaging with Reigns’ current or prospective challengers. Today, it was by encouraging Uso not to answer Braxton’s questions. Questions like these:

“Every time Roman Reigns has successfully defended his Universal title, it’s because you’ve interfered, you’ve gotten involved. So the question is, Roman’s tenure as Universal champion, do you think that credit goes to Roman, does it belong to Roman Reigns? Or does the credit belong to you?”

“On SmackDown, Kevin Owens clearly got the upper hand over you until Roman came out. Do you truly believe that your individual success is because of your talent? Or by the power yielded by your cousin Roman Reigns?”

Jey looked triggered by both, and on the verge of delivering honest answers. But he gave way when Heyman interrupted and encouraged him to “plead the fifth” so as to not incriminate himself. It was unspoken, of course, but the person Paul was assuring his old friend not get in trouble with wasn’t the law, but Roman.

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The pair promised Talking Smack’s final guest would answer the last question, but when Braxton stumbled over how to phrase it, Jey used it as a chance to cut a promo instead:

“Man, that is an excellent question you just asked! Why they call your boy Jey ‘Main Event’ Uso? Man, you better ask Drew McIntyre, because I had to get him. You better ask Daniel Bryan, because I had to get him. You better ask KO, because I had to get him too. And if you watch SmackDown, KO, I got you too. Got ‘Im!”

So we’re still without answers. But we’re also still seeing Uso bristle when confronted with the role his cousin has bullied him into.

It’s a great way to keep us wondering... what role will Jey play in the eventual dethroning of the Head of the Table?

Check out today’s Talking Smack on the free version of WWE Network here.

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