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Billie Kay started 2021 like she ended 2020 - being amazingly entertaining

We were as excited as everyone else to leave the old year in the rearview this week. But we’re really happy one thing is coming with us into the new one. That’s Billie Kay and her quest for a tag partner and/or some other kind of employment on SmackDown.

It’s not even clear exactly what kind of a job Billie wants, but as long as she’s got her headshot - and on the back, the resumé - I’ll be happy the search continues.

In kayfabe, Kay wants a tag partner so she can update the resumé to say “Two time WWE Women’s Tag Team champion”. She tried to crash a match on the New Year’s show and work as Tamina’s partner, but Natalya’d already filled the position. The Aussie then tried her hand at managing, which led to a win for Nattie & Tamina’s opponents, The Riott Squad.

So what’s an enterprising young lass to do but offer her expertise to the winners?

She’s got credentials up the wazoo! I don’t think Ruby Riott and LIv Morgan are interested in her help, though. Understandable, seeing as the Squad not only beat Tamina & Nat with Billie managing them, but also recently beat both Tamina & Nat while they were partnered with Billie.

No reason to blow her off like that, though! Especially since Billie is so caring...

Don’t worry though. Kay won’t give up. She continued being wildly entertaining on Talking Smack, and she’s still turning negatives to positives all over the place.

2021 is gonna be great as long as it’s got lots of Billie Kay in it.

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