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Roode & Ziggler get a team name and a title shot

On the Jan. 1 edition of SmackDown, Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode continued their rivalry with Street Profits by crashing the Tag champs New Year’s celebration.

The duo have christened themselves the Dirty Dawgs. Which is perfectly fine as heel team names go, but just seems kind of lame when they announce it themselves while wearing new merch that says it.

No matter. Everything the were throwing down last night must have been working, because it earned Roode & Ziggler... er, sorry, the Dirty Dawgs... another shot at the belts. On Talking Smack, Kayla Braxton let the duo know that Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford accepted their challenge.

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Double D... can I call them Double D? I‘m just gonna call them Double D... had a chance to take the straps from the Profits back on Dec. 18 and couldn’t get the job done. Will they be the team that finally ends Ford & Dawkins impressive run with first the Raw, then the SmackDown Tag Team championship?

We’ll find out next Friday, on a show that will also feature Apollo Crews challenging Intercontinental titleholder Big E.

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