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Why is Alexa Bliss in the Royal Rumble?

Help me out here, dear reader, I’m a bit confused.

This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw featured Alexa Bliss declaring she will be entering the women’s Royal Rumble match on Sun., Jan. 31, 2021. Which, yeah, that makes sense. The winner of said match gets to go on to WrestleMania 37 to face the Raw women’s champion, Asuka. Who wouldn’t want that?!?

Then again, Bliss announced this during a segment right alongside Asuka, one that featured Alexa terrifying the champion to the point she went high tailing out of the ring until their non-title match later on in the evening. Guess who won that match?

That’s right. Bliss, who transformed into a different version of herself, or perhaps was possessed by Bray Wyatt (yeah, I know, this is all painfully dumb), beat Asuka clean right there in the middle of the ring. She pinned the champion in a non-title match.

That should make her number one contender, right? It’s not like there are any other clear contenders at the moment. In fact, Asuka has been more caught up with Charlotte Flair and the women’s tag team titles they’re holding, although Flair is now a bit more tied up with Lacey Evans cozying up with her father, Ric.

Either way, Bliss should clearly be next in line for a title shot. Why not at Royal Rumble? Why would she have to win a match that is insanely difficult to win when she already beat the champion in a non-title match?


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