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Charly Caruso lands another gig

WWE backstage interviewer and panel host Charly Caruso has a whole nother professional life as Charly Arnoldt. Under that nom de broadcast (also her real name), she’s been an anchor for ESPN since 2018.

It’s from that job that Charly’s latest assignment comes. Arnoldt announced today (Jan. 19) that she’s one of the hosts of ESPN’s new First Take, Her Take podcast.

Not that I don’t love scripted fights, but it’ll be cool to hear Charly talk about the drama from other sports beyond WWE’s brand of pro wrestling. And as much as I hold her Raw Talk co-host R-Truth up as a global treasure, it’ll also be great to hear her with some different co-hosts. There’s no way WNBA & multimedia star Chiney Ogwumike and reporter Kimberley Martin can be as... discursive... as the 48/7 I95 South European Hardcore Television champion.

Let us know if you’ll be checking out First Take, Her Take. Whether you are or not, join us in saying, “Congrats Chuck!”

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