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Roman Reigns had the same reaction you did to Randy Orton’s mask look

Alexa Bliss may have “burnt his face to a crisp”, but Randy Orton isn’t about to let Bray Wyatt keep him out of the Royal Rumble. Or something.

You wouldn’t think a story about the supernatural manifestation of a cult leader-turned-children’s show host’s traumas being burned alive then possessing his partner so he can continue to torment one of the people who traumatized him in the past would be so hard to follow. But it is a bit confusing, and brought us to Orton looking like one of the Tethered from Us on the Jan. 18 Raw.

If you thought it was more hilarious than horrifying, well, you weren’t alone. Check out the top comment on WWE’s Instagram of Randy’s new look...

This isn’t the first time the Tribal Chief and the Viper have laughed at changes in one another’s appearance on social media. Probably won’t be the last time, either.

Believe that.

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