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David Krumholtz confirms that was his crack we saw on Raw

Whether you thought it was “so bad it’s good” or just plain “so bad”, we can all agree the Miz TV segment with Gilberg and a chubby Drew McIntyre cosplayer on the Jan. 19 Raw was bad.

Another thing we can agree on? Wrestling fans are unlikely to forget it any time soon. That was probably always going to be the case - we still remember the Alexa Bliss/Bayley “This Is Your Life” travesty and Old Day, after all. But it was cemented by the fact that Drew was played by David Krumholtz, an actor who’s been a part of our pop culture lives for most of his life.

The most frequent points of reference online seem to be his turns as Bernard the elf in the first two Santa Clause flicks, and the six seasons he starred as a mathematician with an FBI agent brother in the CBS procedural Numb3rs. But the Krumholtz canon is extensive, stretching from 1993’s Addam’s Family Values to last year’s The Plot Against America. Personally, I’m a big fan of his work in Serenity - “Can’t stop the signal, Mal” - but the main thing is that everyone knows this guy from somewhere.

Now we know him from the time we saw his crack on Raw. And he’s jazzed about it! I love him even more.

What this means about the future of WWE television under new Senior Vice President of Creative Writing Operations Christine Lubrano, who Krumholtz personally shouts out in his Instagram? Not sure!

But for now, let’s just embrace this weird moment in time.

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