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This Mustafa Ali/Kofi Kingston feud is off to a fantastic start

I said I wasn’t going to get sucked into any more RETRIBUTION programs.

The fact WWE seems to have dropped the angle where the group was dead set on corrupting/recruiting Ricochet should strengthen my resolve to not get sucked into any more RETRIBUTION programs.

But honestly, I was always going to be prone to get sucked into more RETRIBUTION programs, because I like the wrestlers behind those masks and goofy codenames. I really like the guy tasked with fronting the show, Mustafa Ali.

Ever since Ali was revealed as RETRIBUTION’s leader and turned heel in the process, the company has had a great ‘Reality’ Era feud with New Day just waiting for them - Kofi Kingston’s 2019 WrestleMania WWE title storyline only happened because injuries forced Ali out of that year’s Elimination Chamber match. The only question was whether or not they’d go for it.

Well, using Kingston’s recent injury and last week’s seemingly random Xavier Woods vs. T-BAR match as they springboard, they’re going for it.

Ali kicked things off with this promo he dropped on Twitter yesterday (Jan. 18) before Raw:

On the show itself, it was MACE’s turn to beat Woods, who is still operating solo with Kofi recuperating and Big E working the blue brand since the Draft. Mustafa & MACE got an online exclusive video to talk about that victory, which included a parting warning to Kingston. Both prompted this response from Kof:

And the man who’s lost his damn mind reacted with another callback to their history:

Now, it gives me pause that the bulk of the very good work being done is being done online. That’s always been the case with RETRIBUTION angles, and it’s rarely been turned into good television creative for the group.

That it’s New Day, one of WWE’s most marketable acts, gives me hope this time will be different. Kingston & Woods will have a prominent role on the road to WrestleMania. They just exited the Tag title scene. It might as well be this.

We shall see. In the meantime, we’ve got these kick ass promos - and a load of potential for a great story.

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