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What the hell is Adam Pearce’s problem?


Look, I’m happy that Adam Pearce managed to finesse his way out of taking an ass whooping from Roman Reigns at Royal Rumble but I’m slowly starting to think maybe The Head of the Table was right all along and he needs that ass whooping.

The lead up to the Royal Rumble this year has featured literally every wrestler simply declaring they will be entering the match. This was the case for Daniel Bryan, who did it first, right on through to Shayna Baszler, who most recently made her intentions clear on Monday Night Raw this week. None of these folks were challenged. They were simply allowed to make their declarations, and said declarations were respected by management.

And then just last week, Pearce, this guy, he decides Drew Gulak has to defeat AJ Styles — yep, Styles simply declared too, not that this needs pointing out — in order to earn his entry into the Royal Rumble. Gulak ultimately failed and will, presumably, not be in that match.

Now, this week, he again arbitrarily decided Ricochet, who has spent weeks and weeks dealing with RETRIBUTION using its numbers to beat him down, leaving him a broken shell of a man crying on Raw Talk trying to figure out where it all went wrong, was also told he had to beat AJ Styles to earn entry. He ultimately failed as well.

So I ask: just what the hell is Adam Pearce’s problem?

I was hoping Ricochet would just declare anyway, despite the loss, and dare Pearce to challenge him on it but alas it was not meant to be.

This show sucks.

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