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Gillberg returns to Raw for awesomely bad segment with fat Drew McIntyre impersonator

WWE spent the majority of this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw promoting Goldberg showing up as a special guest on “Miz TV” with The Miz and John Morrison. “How did they get such a big guest?!?” Tom Phillips wondered on commentary.

Turns out, they didn’t.

They got an even bigger guest.

That’s right, GILLBERG.

But not just Gillberg. They also got a fat Drew McIntyre impersonator, who knocked his wig off multiple times and made sure literally all of us failed to get through our entire lives without seeing his ass crack.

They tried to be funny, The Miz and Morrison cut in to argue the merits of doing this at all because it was so clearly bombing, but it was meta because it was always intended as part of the bit itself, and in the end we were all worse off for this having happened at all. Again, we had to look at this guy’s ass crack.

But, hey, Gillberg!

Oh, and The Miz is promising to cash in his Money in the Bank contract (again) at Royal Rumble when Goldberg takes on Drew McIntyre for the WWE championship.

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