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Don’t you dare question Billie Kay’s punk rock cred!

For starters...

So not only has she been listening to Blink 1 - 8 - 2, we now know she’s long been an Avril Lavigne fan. Still not enough for you?

She’s clearly got the air guitar licks, and the attitude...

And look, maybe the moves aren’t the best, but American mosh pitting and Australian mosh pishing are very different! Very different.

So don’t you try to shame her, Ruby Riott! Did we mention the air guitaring?

Is that on the resumé? If not, it should be. Or maybe Billie’s no longer looking for a job? That unfortunate incident with Tamina that cost Liv Morgan her match with Natalya aside, she’s clearly found a home in the Squad.

The important thing is, whether she’s with the Riotts or not, whether she’s punk rock or not*... none of that matters. Just keep Billie Kay on our screens every Friday, yeah?

* I mean, clearly she is very punk rock, but you get what I’m saying.

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