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Unfazed by Paul Heyman’s warning, Kevin Owens plans to deliver a message directly to Roman Reigns

After being outmaneuvered by Adam Pearce and Kevin Owens on the Jan. 15 episode of SmackDown, Roman Reigns’ special counsel Paul Heyman headed to his other job... co-host of Talking Smack.

Kayla Braxton pressed Heyman for a reaction to what happened on FOX at the start of the WWE Network post-show, but Paul said he would save his thoughts for their final guest. That was none other than Owens himself.

Heyman did his best to put the fear of god in KO, talking about how angered Reigns was by the scheme Pearce & Owens pulled off to get him to sign up for a Last Man Standing match at Royal Rumble. But Paul laid it on a little too thick. He left Owens shaking with laughter instead of fear.

Kev then proved he wasn’t just a match for Heyman in the strategy department, he was pretty good at putting the fear of god in people himself. But Owens is a babyface, and he likes Paul, so he cuts him some slack. Rather than make the former Raw Executive Director the messenger again, KO will deliver his message directly to the Head of the Table on the Jan. 22 SmackDown.

For my money, WWE hasn’t made any missteps in this program yet. I’m definitely looking forward to what Owens has to say, and how Roman reacts, next Friday.


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