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Let’s guess who the Mysterios are bringing in for back-up against King Corbin

Let’s ignore the obvious ‘why do they need back-up against King Corbin?’ question and have some fun.

Since King Corbin recruited former Forgotten Sons Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake to be his suit-coated & hoodied knights, he’s had the Mysterio family’s number.

Hell, he beat Murphy so bad, we haven’t seen Aalyah’s beau in more than a month!

So after Corbin punched Dominik and pinned Rey on the Jan. 15 SmackDown, Papa Mysterio told his son he was gonna make a call...

Who’s the guy Rey’s going to call? Some possibilities:

Seth Rollins

Sure, they spent last year trying to rip each other’s eyes out. But a lot of stuff happened in 2020 that we’d like to leave behind! With his Shield bro running around like Michael Corleone, WWE might need The Man’s man to play a good guy again. This would be a pretty lame way to do it, but they could use the real-life birth of his daughter to say he’s changed or something.

Cain Velasquez

Sure, they released him. But WrestleMania’s coming up, and he’s not doing anything else. Rey served as his manager/mentor during the former UFC Heavyweight champ’s entire brief 2019 run, so they don’t have to do much explaining.

Damian Priest

Sure, his playboy-who-likes-shooting-pretend-arrows character doesn’t have any more of a connection to Rey than it did to Kevin Owens. But WWE would just probably create a past link based on shared Latino heritage and keep it moving.

My money’s on Priest, but give us your pick in the comments below. You can also use those to tell me who I’m forgetting, too. Because I’m sure I’m forgetting someone.

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