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It was a big day of TV news for WrestleMania 28 & 29’s main eventers

Projects from the stars of Twice in a Lifetime inch closer to our screens.

Rock-Cena WMSDP

What a difference a decade makes.

Back in 2011, The Rock and John Cena took the unprecedented step of setting up their WrestleMania XXVIII clash a year in advance. They spent the next twelve months taking increasingly personal shots at each other, culminating in a surprising with for The Great One in Miami. Then, in defiance of the “Once in a Lifetime” tagline WWE hung on their program... they ran it back a year later so Cena could beat Rocky in New Jersey.

What does that have to do with anything? Not much! Just my way of rationalizing dumping these items into a post on a wrestling blog.

I am excited for both these upcoming projects from the two future WWE Hall of Famers. Dwayne Johnson’s is even partly wrestling-themed, so let’s start with that.

Young Rock, the NBC sitcom that follows Johnson at three phases of his life before he became a pro wrestler, got a premiere date. The show will be a part of the network’s Tuesday night line-up starting on Feb. 16, airing weekly at 8:30 p.m.

Seeing as this is airing on a WWE partner network (Comcast owns both NBC and USA), and at least the segments focusing on 10 year old Johnson will have a “growing up in wrestling” focus (the cast includes actors playing Rocky Johnson, Sgt. Slaughter, Iron Sheik, and Andre The Giant) - it seems safe to assume this will be heavily promoted on Raw.

The same probably isn’t true about Cena’s next project. Peacemaker will stream on HBO Max (owned by AEW’s partner Warner Media) and presumably be rated R like the movie that spawned it. Creator James Gunn announced the prequel series he wrote for Cena’s character in their upcoming The Suicide Squad movie started filming yesterday.

Mostly, I need to know where to get that Peacemaker merch Gunn’s rocking. And also his work ethic, but that’s a different story...

Anyway, no release date for Cena’s show, but likely not before the end of the year. The Suicide Squad is supposed to be released in theaters and on the streaming service sometime in 2021.

So get excited, and place your bets on whether the failure of either project will end up being mentioned in a promo for a possible “Thrice in a Lifetime” match.

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