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Sounds like Ricochet will be with WWE for a long-time

Kacy Catanzaro’s Instagram

After a website misconstrued some speculation from Wrestling Observer Live’s Bryan Alvarez that was actually about Riddle, Ricochet quote-tweeted the report to again downplay talk that he was on his way out of WWE.

This iteration of the rumor was the kind of telephone game nonsense the wrestle web is rightly mocked for on a regular basis. But Ricochet’s contract status has been a frequently discussed topic since Brock Lesnar beat him in seconds back at Super Showdown last February. WWE’s even alluded to it in Ricochet’s current program with RETRIBUTION, even as their handling of that storyline fuels speculation about the status of everyone involved in it.

Doesn’t look like Ricochet leaving is a possibility, though. Looking to clear up the confusion others created from his colleague’s remarks, Dave Meltzer reported on Ricochet’s contract in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

“Since this came up in controversy this past week, Ricochet’s contract here expires in the summer of 2024.”

The good news for Ricochet is that he signed in 2019, when WWE was still throwing money around. Pre-pandemic, the company was more concerned with keeping anyone from going to AEW than they were with protecting the bottom line. Meltzer reiterates that, with the exception of Rey Mysterio, deals offered this year are lower than they were at “the high point” when Ricochet signed.

So hold off on fantasy booking that Ricochet/Darby Allin feud, and resume hoping WWE figures out what to do with The One And Only.

They’ve got plenty of time to come up with something...

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