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Five members of the Performance Center roster get new WWE names isn’t the only place the company lists their talent roster. For newer additions and wrestlers who haven’t debuted on television yet, there’s also the WWE Performance Center website.

It’s from there that several new name changes have come to light. Most of these seem to be in preparation for Superstar Spectacle later this month, as they’re for Indian talent who will be featured on the event that’s being tailored for the country. Those include:

Giant Zanjeer (signed as Sukhwinder Grewal), Dilsher Shanky (Gurvinder Singh) & Guru Raaj (Laxmi Kant Rajpoot) were all listed in the press release for Superstar Spectacle earlier this week. It seems likely Rohan Raja (former Impact star Gursinder Singh) could also debut on the show, set to air on WWE’s Indian broadcast/streaming partner Sony on Jan. 26.

One non-Indian talent is also renamed on the PC site. Mixed martial artist and veteran of The Rock’s Titan Games Emily Andzulis is now Ivy Nile.

A few other wrestlers are listed under their real names, such as Evolve’s Josh Briggs showing up as Joshua Brun. But like the Raaj, Raja, Shanky & Zanjeer, I’m willing to bet the rebranding of Andzulis as Nile means they have something planned for her in the not-too-distant future.

We shall see. In the meantime, give us your thoughts on the WWE name generator’s latest output.

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