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Kevin Nash isn’t here for your criticism of WWE’s COVID testing

Whenever WWE brings in an older performer to Florida for a television appearance during a global pandemic, it’s often accompanied by criticism of the promotion for taking unnecessary risks with people’s lives.

Those concerns are even more heightened now with WWE hosting a Legends Night on Raw to kick off 2021, following uncontrolled spread of the coronavirus in the USA after the recent holiday celebrations. Not surprisingly, WWE is reportedly experiencing a COVID outbreak right now, and their top champion Drew McIntyre has tested positive. Now there’s even a rumor that 71 year old Ric Flair is once again a full-time performer for WWE going forward.

Well Kevin Nash has read some of the criticism concerning WWE’s COVID testing, and he’s trying to shut that down:

It’s good to hear that Nash’s experience with WWE’s handling of COVID has gone smoothly, but it’s definitely fair to criticize WWE’s handling of the pandemic. First of all, it’s still inconceivable to process, but there was somehow zero actual COVID testing at all within WWE for more than two months into the pandemic. It was the height of negligence for a company with more resources and money than any other wrestling promotion in the world, and raised fair questions about how much they actually prioritized their performers’ health.

As for WWE’s current safety protocols, while it’s great that they have mandatory frequent testing, there is still more to COVID mitigation than just testing. People who are 65+ years old or immunocompromised are in the riskiest population group for severe consequences from COVID infections, and it’s far safer for those people to eliminate any unnecessary traveling, as opposed to traveling with testing. And in a bigger picture sense, spread of the virus increases throughout the entire population with increased traveling, so flying legends across the country for a quick cameo isn’t worth the risk of additional population spread that comes with it.

What are your thoughts on WWE continuing to use Ric Flair and occasionally bringing in other older stars while the pandemic is ongoing?

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