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Jeff Hardy is still hurting from the Symphony of Destruction

Jeff Hardy and Elias fought against each other in a Symphony of Destruction during an episode of Raw over six weeks ago. The match ended with Hardy suffering a scary head bump on the steel stairs from a Swanton Bomb, and it left us wondering how the guy was still walking afterwards.

In an interview with Metro, the Charismatic Enigma revealed that he’s still hurting from that match, but it’s not actually from impacting the steel with his skull:

“Even in that Symphony of Destruction match with Elias, people thought my head was messed up from the stairs but it was easy, my head is fine. When I did the Whisper in the Wind and he hit me in the butt with the guitar, my back is still messed up from that. But that’s part of the job, you know – you’re gonna get hurt.”

If that’s just part of the job for a daredevil like Hardy, the bar for terrifying him must be awfully high. So what does it take? How about watching his brother Matt trying to compete while dealing with obvious head trauma at AEW’s All Out 2020:

“Terrifying! When he tried to get up and then he fell down – when you hit your head hard, that’s scary stuff...That was scary, man, with Matt – flesh on concrete, it was scary when he couldn’t walk. Gosh, man – thank God he’s OK, but that’s part of the game.”

I understand that getting hurt is part of the game. But this wrestling blogger is going to have to disagree with Jeff that what happened with Matt Hardy on that card was part of the game. The match clearly should have been ended right after that dangerous bump.

This is just a tiny peek into the mind of Jeff Hardy. What do you think about his perspective on the job requirements of a pro wrestler?

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