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Donald Trump’s latest impeachment pushes NXT to the brink

The ratings and viewership data are in for this week’s (Jan. 13) NXT and AEW television shows.

Per Showbuzz Daily, Dynamite netted 762,000 viewers for a .30 rating point in the 18-49 demographic. NXT checked in with 551,000 viewers for a .14 rating point in the same 18-49 demo.

For AEW, this is an increase of about 100,000 viewers from the prior week, with a rise from last week’s 0.25 demo rating. For NXT, viewership decreased by 90,000 viewers from the prior week, and the demo rating was down from last week’s 0.16.

AEW finished in 31st place in the demo rating for the night, while NXT landed in 70th place.

Political news coverage once again dominated the airwaves on Wednesday night. Earlier in the day, Donald Trump became the first president in United States history to ever be impeached for a second time. This time it was for inciting an insurrection, after spending months undermining democracy by spreading lies and conspiracy theories while living in denial about his loss to Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election.

Biden’s inauguration is set to take place next Wednesday. The security of that major event, as well as the security of capitol buildings across all 50 states, is now a focus in the news thanks to this rise of domestic terrorism. As a result, AEW and NXT will likely have an uphill battle for television viewership against news coverage for the third consecutive week.

As far as this week is concerned, AEW is probably satisfied with these results. Dynamite more than doubled NXT’s demo rating, while rebounding viewers back to a decent level after last week’s plunge.

NXT’s results are rather bleak. Without the New Year’s Evil hook to maintain fan interest, their numbers dropped back down to all-time low type levels.

Here’s a breakdown of AEW viewership and rating in the 18-49 demo over the last year:

Here’s a breakdown of NXT’s audience and ratings share of the same demographic:

Total viewership for Wednesday night checked in at 1,313,000 pro wrestling fans.

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