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More details emerge on Chris Jericho’s COVID diagnosis

AEW on TNTs Twitter

Chris Jericho recently revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19 around September of last year. That follows Nick Jackson sharing details on being sick from COVID-19 at around the same time. This is consistent with reports from September about multiple AEW wrestlers who were at the Sept. 9 Dynamite tapings testing positive for the coronavirus, including Lance Archer.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed some of the circumstances surrounding the overlapping COVID diagnoses for all three of these wrestlers:

Meltzer: “Nick Jackson had it longer [than Jericho], but it was the same start time and the same time that Lance Archer had it as well. Pretty much the same time. Yeah, it was September 12th-ish, 11th-ish, something in that range. It was coming off of the TVs that weekend though.”

Alvarez: “...Yes, [Jericho] appeared on four shows during the month, but this was a month where they were taping a lot of shows. And in fact there were two periods where he had enough time off, that in fact, as he noted, he could have quarantined.”

Meltzer: “Yeah, that’s exactly what happened. They were off from, I think it was like the 11th to the it was 12 days. He believes that he got it from a family friend, is what I understand. Had no symptoms, and nobody in the family had any symptoms. But the friend tested positive, so he went and checked and tested positive. And then tested again and tested positive. And actually tested three times and tested positive. So [he] quarantined, did not feel bad. The next TV he passed the test, and worked the next TV after the quarantine was over. So that was the situation.”

Jericho was asymptomatic the entire time, but Nick Jackson wasn’t so fortunate:

Meltzer: “Everyone gets it different. Nick Jackson got it real bad. Nick Jackson was out for a little bit longer [than Jericho]. He missed that next TV, but was back on the following TV tapings...Nick Jackson doesn’t know he got it. I mean he doesn’t know if he got it from the taping. He doesn’t know if he got it from the airport...When he got home from the taping he was sick right away. He was traveling with Matt and he was traveling with Brandon Cutler, and they were fine, and they didn’t test positive.”

Jackson missing that next TV taping would explain why a phony second leg was used when the Young Bucks superkicked Tony Schiavone.

Finally, there is Lance Archer:

Meltzer: “He would have been out about the same time frame as Nick Jackson. I think they were pretty much identical time frames.”

The coronavirus pandemic is still an ongoing crisis today, of course, with January shaping up to perhaps be the worst month of the pandemic so far in the United States of America. There have been reports this week about another potential COVID outbreak affecting WWE, AEW, and Impact Wrestling. So far, WWE champion Drew McIntyre is the primary wrestler who is known to have tested positive for COVID as part of that story, and an unknown SmackDown superstar was reportedly pulled from last week’s (Jan. 8) episode.

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