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WWE updates Randy Orton’s status after he was shot with a fireball

Randy Orton burned Bray Wyatt to a crisp last month at TLC 2020 after winning a Firefly Inferno match.

Alexa Bliss’ initial reaction to Orton’s murderous actions was to douse herself in gasoline and demand that he also burn her alive. The Viper declined her bizarre request. That was a mistake, because on this week’s (Jan. 11) Raw, Bliss interrupted Orton’s fight against Triple H and shot a fireball into Randal’s face. Orton was writhing in pain in the ring and holding his face for an uncomfortably long amount of time as the show went off the air. The commentary team wondered if Orton was blind as a result of the fireball attack.

WWE has now provided the following update on Orton’s status. He’s apparently been suffering all week from MINOR BURNS:

“WWE Digital has learned that Randy Orton suffered minor burns to the face following the fireball attack by Alexa Bliss on Raw.

The Legend Killer laid down a challenge for Triple H at the beginning of the night and was in a battle with The Game when Bliss emerged from the darkness.

Don’t miss Raw next Monday at 8/7 C on USA Network for the latest update on Orton’s condition.”

So if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a Hadouken, it actually doesn’t sound too bad.

Orton and Wyatt are rumored to be in line for another singles gimmick match at Royal Rumble 2021 on Jan. 31, but Orton is one of the official entrants in the titular 30-man battle royal; maybe his issues with Wyatt will strictly play out in that match. Then again, Wyatt has understandably not been seen since Orton murdered him last month, and there’s no guarantee that he’ll be alive again by the time Royal Rumble 2021 is here.

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