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I think Matthew McConaughey is fixing to bring his Boston Crab to a WWE ring

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Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey’s made no secret of his love of pro wrestling. The Texan’s first-hand experienced with the squared circle mostly revolves around WCCW and other southern feds from the territory days, but he’s been known to attend a WWE show or two here in the 21st century.

He and another semi-regular WWE guest star shared their love of the business on Better Together with Maria Menounos. The host brought up a story from McConaughey’s book Greenlights about using the Boston Crab while wrestling a local champion in a sandpit in an African village (my man’s led an interesting life), and segued into her own experiences in wrestling. The True Detective star was impressed to learn about Menounos’ match at WrestleMania 28, and when she asked if he’d ever get in the ring, McConaughey said:

“I’ll say - not too much, because as you know, you can’t say too much about these things... but it is, uh, it is something that interests me.”

She offers to introduce him to Bob Backlund so he can add a Crossface Chickenwing to his repertoire, he tells some stories about getting kicked out of a show in Shreveport for throwing tomatoes at Skandor Akbar and spitting on King Kong Bundy, and the interview goes on without any further teases about his wrestling plans.

Based on Menounos’ experience and connections, the focus definitely seems to be on WWE. But who knows if anything is cooking with New York, or if this is just a fan’s dream. Earlier in the interview, Maria and Matthew both marked out about how they love wrestling because it’s “so carny!” So he knows he’s working with his answer. Is he working to hide something? Or to make us think he’s hiding something even though he has nothing to hide?

Pro wrestling, everybody!

Alright, alright, alright... let us know know if you want to see McConaughey at WrestleMania next year, and check out his entire interview with Menounos here.

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