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WWE NXT results, live blog (Jan. 13, 2021): Dusty Classic begins

Here's a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live in its regular Wednesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what's been happening, and what we expect this week.

Advertised for tonight, live from the Capitol Wrestling Center: The first two first round matches in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, pitting Undisputed ERA’s Adam Cole & Roderick Strong against Breezango, and Grizzled Young Veterans against Ever-Rise! Plus, Johnny Gargano faces Dexter Lumis, and Candice LeRae & Shotzi Blackheart go one-on-one!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.

REMINDER: Please keep GIFs and pics to a minimum. They slow down updates and refreshes for some of your fellow community members.

Enjoy the show!


Probably a little lighter on details tonight since your friendly neighborhood live blogger sliced off the top of his right thumb making a pre-show salad. I’m gauzed up and ready to do my best though.

We enter on a video package about the Dusty Cup, and are told that MSK vs. Swerve & Atlas is also tonight.

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Candice LeRae

Indi Hartwell is out with her mentor, but it doesn’t help in the early going. Blackheart’s opening flurry let her target Candice’s right arm. LeRae gets a break off a pinning predicament, but Shotzi stays in control until Indi gets in her way while she’s laying in some offense on the floor. Nothing physical happens, but the delay lets LeRae slide in with kick. A crossbody follows as we go picture-in-picture for some commercials.

The heel remains in control on the small screen... until just before we return when the babyface connects with a step up enziguri. Running senton gets two, then Blackheart hits a DDT on the apron. Indi checks on LeRae, and Shotzi flies and takes out both women! Roll in for a cover, but Candice kicks out at two. She evades to send Blackheart into the turnbuckle, then dropkicks her facefirst into the ringpost! Superkick gets two, then Candice locks in Garga-No Escape, but Shotzi counters into a swinging backbreaker. Another DDT, then Blackheart climbs, but Hartwell cuts her off. This distraction lets LeRae get to the top. Neckbreaker from there ends it.

Candice LeRae def. Shotzi Blackheart via pinfall

The Way duo celebrate as we see Finn Bálor walking to the ring. Right before the break, a black SUV pulls up and the Tag champs & Pete Dunne get out and head inside.

The NXT champ is in the ring when we get back from a break.

Finn gives us today’s date and reminds us he’s still champ. He puts over Kyle O’Reilly as great, but not on his level. KOR stepped up last week, and just like at TakeOver 31, he got put down. The difference is this time he’s the one eating through a straw. He put this ‘X’ on his chest for a reason, but whoever wants to take aim needs to know the cloth he’s cut from? They stopped making it.

Dunne is out with the Tag champs. He says Bálor knows what’s next. He watched last week like he’s been watching his whole life. Finn thinks he’s the poster boy for European wrestling, but the only reason he still have the belt is because Pete has taken it yet.

The trio attack, and The Prince holds his own for a while. But Dunne snaps the arm that was injured last week over the top rope and the beatdown is on! Here’s Kyle to make the save! And the healthy members of Undisputed ERA are with him. O’Reilly, Adam Cole & Roderick Strong clear the ring and trade verbal shots with the heels, then the camera pulls back and we see the champ get up in the corner. Finn doesn’t seem happy, but he leaves without further incident.

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Johnny Gargano. He’s thrilled by Candice’s win, and says he’s gonna beat “mute freak” Dexter Lumis tonight, then they’re gonna go on to win the men’s and women’s Dusty Cups. Mitchell starts to ask about how they’ll beat Kushida & Leon Ruff when they couldn’t beat Kushida & Shotzi last week. Johnny starts to go off when he’s interrupted by Austin Theory. His protege got an envelope from “that guy”. That’s Lumis, and the envelope has two caricatures making fun of them. Austin thinks the one of Johnny is hilarious. The one of him is just mean. They storm off as we go to commercial.

Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Ever-Rise

Zack Gibson promos his way to the ring. They debuted in the Dusty Cup last year, and went to the finals, so they have bad news for anyone hoping for an upset tonight. They’re soon to be recognized as this year’s winner, and the next challengers for the Tag titles.

General Manager William Regal welcomes the teams and us to the tournament. Gibson starts with Matt Martel, and Chase Parker quickly tags himself in. He doesn’t even get a chance to tell us about how Ever-Rise rules when Liverpool’s #1 kicks him in the bread basket and tags in James Drake. He fires up and puts the boots to Drake so he can tell us they rule. Gibson coaches him to calm down, and GYV quickly take control. Drake sets to work on Parker. Backbreaker combo on the floor, then Gibson brings him for a single-leg crab. Parker fits free, but quick tags keep him reeling. He finally drags Drake to his corner to reach his partner, and Martel is a house afire. Belly-to-belly to Drake! Forearm blasts Gibson from the apron! Clothesline and a tag, but Gibson breaks up the tandem follow-up. They connect with their next attempt, but Zack breaks up the pin. Things break down with all four involved. Ticket to Mayhem on Martel comes after Parker catches an elbow to the head.

Grizzled Young Veterans def. Ever-Rise via pinfall to advance to round two of the Dusty Cup

Video recap of the Last Woman Standing match from New Year’s Evil, narrated by the winner Raquel González. She says Rhea Ripley is just like 2020, a bad memory we’re all trying to forget. González is looking to the future. She’s looking to NXT Women’s champion Io Shirai. There’s a new baddest batch in town, and her name is Raquel González.

After a break, McKenzie checks in with Shotzi. She’s not happy with what happened earlier, but she’s not going to dwell on it. Blackheart is gonna focus on the future. She knows LeRae & Hartwell will be in the Dusty Cup, so she needs a partner. A ride or die, someone she went to war with... it’s Ember Moon! They run through their catchphrases and vow to be the first winner’s of the women’s tournament [wolf calls follow].

Johnny Gargano vs. Dexter Lumis

The North American champ has Dexter’s drawing and screams about how it isn’t funny. He rips it up and catches some punches! Thesz press and ground & pound. Johnny heads to the outside, but Lumis evades some stikes with a Matrix move, kips up and goes back on the offensive. Action heads to the top rope. Head butts send Gargano to the mat, but Lumis’ swanton comes up empty as we take a break.

Johnny’s in control when we return, and we see Theory was a distraction to set-up the slingshot spear while we were gone. Knees and elbows as Johnny works the heat. Lumis stops Gargano’s momentum with a spinebuster. Punches, clothesline, bulldog! Slingshot suplex, and Dexter stalks his prey. Belly-to-back suplex, kip up, leg drop sequence gets two. Gargano counters a side slam for two. A short kick to the head rocks Lumis. They trade strikes, but when Lumis runs the ropes Theory grabs his leg. That lets Johnny get in a kick, but he can’t hit One Final Beat. Things break down, Theory ends up taking a suplex from the apron, but Johnny slides in to stack Lumis up for three.

Johnny Gargano def. Austin Theory via pinfall

Lumis slides up behind Theory after the bell to lock in Silence, but Gargano puts the boots to him to make the save. He gets a chair, but Kushida runs in to make the save! He gets Johnny in a Hoverboard Lock as Lumis grabs Austin for Silence again. Kushida shows Johnny his North American belt and poses over him to end the segment.

Mitchell catches up to McAfee’s trio. Danny Burch says the ERA still thinks they run this place, but everyone is fighting for a shot at their titles, so they should take a seat. Dunne says O’Reilly got in his way, so now they’re gonna take him out.

Wade Barrett interviewed Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher earlier today ahead of their Fight Pit match next week.

Thatcher blows off his injury and says it won’t have any effect on the match. Barrett asks if Ciampa made a mistake asking for a match Tim’s been in before. He says if he wants to change the culture, he has to go into his opponent’s environment. Their issue is because Thatcher the wrestler is tough as nails, but Thatcher the coach is scum who takes liberties with his students, so he’s gonna take liberties with him next. Tim says Ciampa is a guy trying to figure out if he still has it. They glare at each other as Wade wraps things up.

After some ads, Mitchell asks the ERA if they’re worried about Dunne, Lorcan & Burch getting involved in their match tonight. Cole says they’re used to having a target on their backs. Kyle will be ringside to keep the peace in case anything hops off.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott & Jake Atlas vs. MSK

MSK are in fact the Rascalz, now going by Nash Carter (Zachary Wentz) and Wes Lee (Dezmond Xavier). Atlas starts with Carter. Jake controls the action and bring Nash to his corner to bring in Swerve. Acrobatic exchange leads to a corkscrew crossbody off the ropes from Carter that gets two. That brings in Lee for the first time. He gets isolated and Atlas is tagged back in, then things break down on the floor. Scott takes a splash from Carter to save Atlas, then a Lee dive takes them both out as we go to commercial.

Carter is being worked over when we return, but he quickly gets the tag and Lee cleans house. He brings Nash back in for a standing moonsault on Atlas. Swerve breaks up the pin. Things break down and Swerve comes in just as Atlas nails Lee with a bridging suplex. Kickout at two, but the newly formed team is on the same page. Spinning slam from Jake puts Lee down for a 450 from Scott, but Carter breaks up the cover.

Lee is set-up in the corner, but Nash comes in to take out Atlas before the can tandem superplex. Carter recovers to make a tag just as Lee sends Scott flying with a head scissor. They set-up Swerve for their finisher (a blockbuster from a Hart Attack set-up), and that’s it!

MSK def. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott & Jake Atlas via pinfall to advance to round two of the Dusty Cup

The losing team argues among themselves as the winners check out the trophy in the case on the stage.

Video package on the women’s Dusty. Shotzi & Ember, The Way, Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro, and Toni Storm & Mercedes Martinez. The latter two are in action next week. We see a quick montage of Xia Li & Boa. She’s in action next.

First, Scarlett appears in a video ominously talking about how they took out Damian Priest, and now they want to dance with The Prince.

Xia Li vs. ???

The make the entire CWC look like a temple as they zoom in on the mystery lady during Xia’s entrance. It’s dope.

No time to get her opponent’s name, because a right hand and a spin kick is all she wrote.

Xia Li def. ??? via pinfall

Mystery woman raises a hand to signal that Li isn’t done. She ties ??? up in the ropes for strikes and a high knee.

Catanzaro & Carter are wearing matching neon mesh tops and cutting a promo about how they’re gonna shock the world by becoming the first-ever women’s Dusty Cup winners!

The main eventers make their way to the ring as we take another commercial break.

We see that Swerve and Atlas had to be separated during the break. Bronson Reed got them apart, and Scott was upset that Reed took Jake’s side. Then we learn that in addition to FIGHT PIT II & the first women’s Dusty match, next week will have the The Way vs. Kushida & Ruff and Imperium vs. Lucha House Party Dusty Classic matches.

Breezango vs. Undisputed ERA

O’Reilly is out with Cole & Strong, and the announcers are worried he’s here with his jaw injury without being cleared.

Cole & Tyler Breeze start, and prove to be evenly matched. They tag in Roddy & Fandango, which follows the same pattern. Dango controls the left arm for a while, and gets two with a high leg as we go PiP. By the time we return, it’s Cole being worked over by the Fashion Police. Breeze survives some kicks to keep the former NXT champ from tagging, but he’s leveled by an enziguri from the floor. Both men tag and Strong is hotter. Backbreaker puts Dango down, running forearms to Prince Pretty, then Roddy hip tosses him onto his partner. That gets two, then a tag brings in Cole for a running after a gutbuster that gets two,

Fandango ducks under a Last Shot and makes the tag. Inverted backstabber from Breeze gets a nearfall on Cole. Breeze takes out Strong with a kick and slingshots Cole into a forearm, makes the tag, but Strong breaks up the cover. Flurry of signature moves and everyone is down!

The tag champs and Dunne run in, and O’Reilly cuts them off! The numbers get to him and they get ready to boot Kyle jaw first into the scaffolding. Bálor runs in, but while he deals with Lorcan & Burch, the Bruiserweight slams KOR jaw first into the fence. Cole rouses to see what happened and walks into a Supermodel Kick. He kicks out and when Dango tried to follow up with something off the top, he jumps right into a superkick.

Undisputed ERA def. Breezango via pinfall to advance to round two of the Dusty Cup

Cole & Strong check on O’Reilly, who’s bleeding from the mouth. As the heels stand tall on the stage, we also see they took out Bálor, who’s laid out next to Kyle clutching his arm.

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