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The Ric Flair/Lacey Evans pairing may be paving the way for a Charlotte Flair/Andrade one

WWE did not drop the angle between Ric Flair, his daughter, and Lacey Evans from Legends Night. Either as payback for Charlotte’s latest rejection or because the Nature Boy is still a kiss-stealing son of a gun, the Hall of Famer aligned with Evans on the Jan. 11 episode of Raw and helped Lacey steal a win over The Queen.

Everyone can decide for themselves what to make of wrestling’s latest May/December “romance”. If the new heel duo haven’t made you say “ew” yet, here’s this:


Anyway, Charlotte’s fellow WWE Women’s Tag Team champion Asuka wasn’t around. Nor was Evans’ reluctant partner Peyton Royce. Given yesterday’s COVID news and the obviously re-written three hours of television it led to, we don’t want to read too much into their not being around. But in a strictly creative-sense, Andrade took advantage of it to suggest his fiancée needs a hand:

We’d heard rumors of an on-screen Andrade/Charlotte pairing, and a report the idea didn’t get far backstage. The former NXT & United States champion released a video that could have been part of a singles comeback last month, but there hasn’t been much follow-up from him - and no recognition of it by WWE.

Is it because they were waiting to pair the First Lady with her new Sugar Daddy before bringing Andrade in? Or will Asuka be back next week to help her partner with the Naitch problem?

Let us know what you think, Cagesiders.

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