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The only Goldberg we ever needed

Goldberg is back on WWE television, and not only that it looks like he’ll be challenging Drew McIntyre for the WWE championship at the second biggest pay-per-view of the year, Royal Rumble. His deal calls for a couple matches a year, and it makes sense to leverage his star power in big money matches against top stars.

Having said that, I’m not sure the way to use him is having him cut promos about things McIntyre never said. Or even having him cut promos at all.

Goldberg was always at his best when he was matched up against big men and very impressively slamming those big men with his trademark Jackhammer. Or spearing them across the ring. Or just generally throwing them all around the ring in ways they’ve never been thrown around before.

That was always his primary appeal, as evidenced in the above video of him running through a group of big fellas. McIntyre is also a big fella, and I look forward to Goldberg trying to pick him up for the Jackhammer.

Assuming he can still do it.

If not, well, what other appeal is there?

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