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Kofi Kingston will never stop twerking

It is my honor and duty to bring you the following news. Kofi Kingston will never stop twerking.

Kingston declared the following via Instagram video:

At approximately 8:20 pm Eastern Standard Time on January 4th, 2021, @WWEUniverse put out a tweet on Twitter that contained a clip of myself from my match on Monday Night Raw getting low, or twerking if you will. And I decided to go through the comments like a mark, and I was very surprised to see how many people were displeased with the twerk.

Now, the majority of people were satisfied, but there was a handful of haters on there that were really upset with me twerking. And I had to think to myself, and I said like, “You all know I’ve been doing this for like...” (Insert twerking clip from March 5, 2014.)

Let me tell you something about me, man. As long as I have two legs, a set of hips, and little peach back there, I will NEVER stop twerking. So, I decided to put together a little compilation video for the haters handful out there, and I really think that you all are going to like it. Enjoy. (Mischievous giggling.)

Over two minutes of twerk clips proceeded to play, and it was glorious. Included is one of Kingston’s biggest career achievements. Many have had a Wrestlemania match against Shawn Michaels, but only one man can say he twerked with the Heartbreak Kid.

The video concluded with the message:

I will twerk till my ass falls OFF. Do NOT test me...

I, for one, am glad Kingston will twerk as long as he is physically capable. When you have a gift, it must be shared with the world. Kingston is doing humanitarian work in his twerk.

For you haters out there, don’t worry. You may have the last laugh yet, if you manage to live long enough. Everyone knows it is scientific fact that old men eventually lose their ass as it turns into a flat butt. There will eventually come a day when Kingston has no more rump to shake. You just better hope that robotic wiggle cheeks never get invented, or else you will live in misery for the rest of your days as Kingston twerks bionically.

Long live the twerk!

Where do you stand on the great twerk debate? What are your favorite twerking moments from Kingston?

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