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Harvey Whippleman paid it forward; The Rock just paid him back

The Rock’s Instagram

I’ve watched this Instagram from The Rock a few times now, and just love (almost) everything about it.

The backstory of how Bruno Lauer - better known to wrestling fans for his 1990s run as manager Harvey Whippleman in the then WWF - took in a young Dwayne Johnson is moving in its own right, and explains why DJ flew Lauer out to Los Angeles to the set of his upcoming NBS sitcom Young Rock. Seeing the two old friends tag team the oft-told tale of Johnson’s first car is great, too. The kicker is when Rocky reveals the other reason he brought his old buddy to Hollywood... to show his gratitude for all Bruno’s meant to him by handing over the keys to what’s probably a $50,000 pick-up.

Heartwarming stuff. My favorite part was how excited Lauer was just to be there with Johnson. He obviously loved and was moved by the truck, but even if you can’t give extravagant presents, letting people who’ve helped you in your life know they’re appreciated is a powerful gift.

There’s two things I don’t love about this post. One, somebody get Harvey a mask that will stay over his nose!

Second is this new nickname the Great One has been trying to get over this holiday season. Give it up Rock, “Dwaynta Claus” isn’t gonna happen.

Keep doing everything else you’re doing though.

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