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Angel Garza enters 2021 as the new 24/7 champion

With the clock ticking down on 2020, I joked that there was still time for Triple H to wrestle in his first match of the year if he could somehow find R-Truth and take the 24/7 championship from him. It turns out that I had the right idea, but the wrong guy.

R-Truth was enjoying a New Year’s Eve celebration with the New Day when referee John Cone showed up out of nowhere. You know how the rest of the story goes from there. Angel Garza came from behind and rolled up Truth to become the new 24/7 champion.

Garza later celebrated his feat of finishing 2020 as the new 24/7 champion, and kicking off 2021 with gold around his waist.

Before anybody gets too worried that this means Garza will be permanently stuck running around on Raw with other low card guys in a pointless non-stop chase for the jobber gold, I think we should wait to see how this plays out. Maybe WWE just wanted to do a fun thing for New Year’s Eve, and the 24/7 title was the best vehicle for making that happen.

How long do you think Garza’s reign as 24/7 champion will last before R-Truth wins it back?

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